connect and maximize your child’s development by simply playing?

What is Essential Play?

Essential Play is a research-based service developed by and for busy parents’ and caregivers' convenience. It is a method of simplifying the toy chest.
Essential Play provides knowledge and toys selected by a multidisciplinary professional team to be tools for developmentally appropriate, meaningful play.
We provide members with one new toy each month, which includes a tip card explaining exactly how to engage your child to foster optimal development.
We give parents a way to stop buying every toy on the shelf and learn how to use a select few toys to simply stimulate their children without stifling creativity.
We offer a one-time gift!

We offer a one-time gift!

Looking for the perfect, age-approporate gift! We have hand selected toys for every age!
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Young children learn best through play that is relevant and meaningful to their life!
Darlene Gore

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    E. Robertson
  • This Christmas, Essential Play, LLC took away all of my worries and gave me back lots of  free time!  Instead of searching for the perfect toy, I let Essential Play select the perfect toys, pack them in lots of bright colored paper, mail the bright boxes, and I get all of the credit, not only from my delighted granddaughters but also from their delighted parents!   For the past six months, my granddaughters have excitedly waited for their new toy which arrives monthly.
    E. Robertson

The toy is yours. No returns required.

Each toy is hand-picked by our professional, multi-disciplinary team. Each BRIGHT BOX comes with specific, easy to follow instructions on how to play with your child to stimulate appropriate development. Members gain access to helpful research-based information on Members Only pages.